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6th Grade Medieval Timeline Resources  

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Welcome to the 6th Grade Medieval Timeline Resource Guide. Here students will find resources to complete their medieval timeline assignment. Below are the requirements for your project. Please review them while doing your research.

Parallel timeline project.

You are going to create a timeline in which you explore parallel historical events in both Europe and the Middle East. Below are the events you will research:




449 CE: Anglo Saxons invade Britain

570 CE; Muhammad is born in Mecca

476 CE: Western Roman Empire falls

622 CE: Muhammad flees Mecca; the Hijra

527 CE: Justinian becomes emperor of Byzantine Empire (Eastern Roman Empire)

630 CE: Muhammad dies; dispute over who will be the first caliph begins

711 CE: The Muslims invade Spain

650 CE: The Quran is compiled

732 CE: Charles Martel defeats the Muslims at the Battle of Tours

754 CE: Baghdad becomes capital of the Abbasid Empire

800 CE: Charlemagne crowned Holy Roman Emperor

Sayings of Muhammad compiled (the Hadith)

1066 CE: The Normans invade Britain

1030 CE: Umayyad Caliphate in Cordoba, Spain defeated by the Christians

1096 CE: The First Crusade

1099 Christian Crusaders take Jerusalem

1348 CE: The Black Plague

1453 CE: The Ottomans conquer Constantinople


Each group will consist of 2 people. One person will research the European event and the other will research the Middle Eastern event. You should look for information that fulfills the following criteria:


Who? Who are the people involved?

What? What happened?

Where? Where did the event take place? Where did the people rule?

When? When did this event happen? (The date should be on the top of your timeline card)


And your card should look something like this:

750 CE

In 750 CE, the Abbasids, a group of Shia Muslims, defeated the Umayyad Dynasty in the Battle of the Great Zab in what is now the country of Iraq. They established themselves as the new caliphate and ushered in a golden age of Islam. They ruled until 1258 CE.




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